Mark this day on your calendar, 

This is the day I J.C. Dean show you a new world, 

a world where Super Affiliates dwell. 

A world where cash appears before your eyes!
I am stealing 
your leads and your commissions.

That's right I said it; I am stealing your commissions, if we are in the same niche markets.

Don't take it personally, I steal from every one, I steal from product vendors, their affiliates, and even the big time guru's


It's easy, I pop my lead capture pages and ads over any web page I want.
Here is my add popping up over a web-master forum. (Great leads here) presents......

An introduction to the dark underbelly 
of Affiliate Marketing.
Here I am stealing from the Rich Jerk
I do ​what I want, I will even pop my lead capture other peoples lead capture pages.

People spend time and money to send traffic to an affiliate offers and I will be there waiting to steal their commission!

​Are you willing to start down the dark path?

Are you ready to stop fighting other affiliates for the same scraps of meat?

Are you willing to go left when everyone goes right?

If so......

OK, here is how it works.

Millions of people install adware on the computers, they agree to see these adds in exchange for something free.

There is several places to buy this dead balls on targeted traffic, where you can pay to have your ad or lead capture page appear or ad on any keyword or URL you choose.

Lead Impact is one of the biggest and is the easiest network to join even if you don't have much money to start.

I will teach you how to unleash this flood of Pay Per View Traffic, on Lead Impact.

I have divided these lessons into 17 little bit size videos. You know, step-by-step so you can't screw it up.

Who are these Lead Impact videos for?

This is perfect for any internet marketer who is brand new to pay-per-view traffic.

It's a quick tutorial for anyone who wants to expand their traffic sources to include Pay Per View.

Imagine reaching millions of new website visitors you couldn't previously touch.

With Lead Impact, it's like upgrading to the ocean from the pond because there are millions of new visitors you can tap into.

There is only one catch.

If you are going to lose sleep over taking leads and commission checks from other affiliates and marketers this is not for you. This is not for the faint of heart.

Bonus time.

I know your sock were already knocked off but.........

​Bonus #1

This is a free partner bonus from a well know marketer. It will take a complete newbie step-by-step to making money online. Web building, list building, it is all here!

​Bonus #4

I will show you a secret from the deepest darkest place of the affiliate underworld. 

I will show you how to steal commissions just by  showing your ad, weather it is clicked or not.
​Bonus #2

Guru Mind Control.  I will teach you a little mind control hack that practically forces people to buy your sh!t, click you links and join you list.  Serious ninja stuff here!

Nasty cut throat stuff but how bad do you want to be wealthy?
​Bonus #3

Down and Dirty Email marketing. I will show you how to set up a new email marketing campaign in minutes in any niche. I'll Show you my secret stash of free lead magnets. I will show you where I get killer follow up emails for free.
In 17 quick videos you'll discover:

►How to set up a LeadImpact campaign

►How to find targeted URLs to bid on

►How to size your squeeze page for LeadImpact

►How to write squeeze page copy for this traffic

►How to target traffic by country in LeadImpact

►How to get the lowest possible bid on keywords

►How Pay Per View and LeadImpact works

►And much more...
​Warning: Bonus #4 will get you banned from affiliate networks if you are not careful
Let's recap shall we Shizzy?
Here is what you get.

17 short step by step videos that will walk you through Pay per View Traffic on Lead Impact.

Partner bonus that that will teach a newbie how to get started in the biz.

My secret Guru mind control ninja tactic that 
forces people to join you list and or buy your stuff.

Down and dirty method of starting an email marketing business in about an hour.

I will show you the dirtiest Pay-Per-View commission stealing trick, no-one else teaches this.
I will answer your emails but try to find you question below first.

Why is it only $7.00?
I will charge more later; I need testimonials. I hope some of you will give me one.

Nope, Never! Bad karma I won't do it.

Does it cost a lot to start.
Nope, $50 to fund your account with Lead Impact. You can spend as little per day as you want too.

Can you guarantee I will make money?
Nope you may be an Idiot for all I know but this is pretty easy.

Does it only work with email marketing Nope, you can post ads for any affiliate or CPA offers, acne cream, tooth whitener, penis enlargement pills, and so on.. I know a guy making serious cabbage with the Ticket Network affiliate program.

Money Back guarantee?
OK sure. 

​Is JC Dean your real name?
​Nope, I am in hiding from the Rich Jerk. I hear he is pretty pissed that I am stealing from him.


Will this for Network Marketing!
Hell yes!

Is this legal?
Barely but yes; well not sure about bonus #4 to tell you the truth.

What about other networks, do you cover them?
I cover Lead Impact because it is easiest to join and get started. The rest are similar. 

Seriously what are you waiting for. I am throwing you a life line here, grab it!

​Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar game Shizzy and you need to use the arsenal of a 6 figure a year profiteer if you want to even stay alive. 

Protect yourself from the inevitable onslaught!

The gains are monstrous, but the losses are far, far worse for those outside the loop.... you have been warned...

In essence, you have no real choice. You must act now!

JC Dean