A am really glad our paths have crossed, I hope we have a long relationship. 

My story is really not that remarkable, I was never homeless, living in a van, down to my last dollar when I stumbled a crossed a secret underground formula or anything amazing like other marketers. 

rolls eyes

Many of your stories are probably similar to mine, I just simply wanted to be free from the slave lifestyle. 

Like so many people I went to the internet and started buying stuff, but took little action.

I also read all the books from the Direct Marketing legends. I learned everything I could learn.

It somehow felt good to buy stuff, kinda like the feeling you get from buying a lottery ticket.

The very last product I bought was by a fairly well known Marketer Micheal Cheney. 

He showed me a simple source of free traffic.

He taught me how to market an irresistible offer to a starving crowed without a website. 

He showed me how easy it was to tap the internet for cash, like turning on a spigot.

I started this news letter to pass on what I have learned.

Get started here. 


Jan  Dean