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Imagine, day after day, having dozens or  hundreds of $7 deposits in your PayPal account....

....with almost no refunds or customer support. 

While you live Bitchin' affiliate lifestyle!

Then affiliate commissions from your list of buyers, $17, $27, $47, $97.....

Ladies and Gentlemen, my I present the "$7.00 Guru"

How I made as much as $280.00 a day selling a simple $7.00 report, that took hours to create.
My name is JC Dean.

My story is really kind of boring. I was never homeless, lived in a van, deep in debt, addicted to drugs or any of that stuff like the like all the other online marketers. No rags to riches story here.

I hated my job and stumbled on to affiliate marketing. I thought it was the key to my freedom.

 I have bought all the affiliate marketing courses and all the books from all of the Gurus.

I spent $1,000s on affiliate marketing courses. Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, Google Sniper, Affiliate X. Coffee Shop Millionaire, Slum dog Millionaire and dozens more.

 I learned about, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, pay-per-view, copy writing, email marketing, post card marketing, and every other thing about making money online I could get my hands on.

It took years but I finally figured out the big secret, the Gurus weren't teaching.

Join the low cost revolution, kill your soul 
sucking day job this week.
Table of contents.

1) My story, how the gurus all used and abused me.
          And how I am getting my revenge

2) Why affiliate marketing doesn't work.
         The big secret the Gurus never teach.

3) Why you do need to build an email list.
         This is not a lie, but the Guru's have kept something from you.

4) The $7 secret model system is explained.
        This solves the problems with selling information.

5) Choosing the right topic for your report.
        I give away the farm here, including my secret niche!

6) How anyone can become an expert in any niche in an hour.
        I would never ask you do do anything hard!

7) How easy it is to make a $7.00 report.
       Have your first money maker done by tomorrow.

8) Make more from your list with no extra work.
​       $7.00 is just the beginning my friend!

9) What is an Auto responded and why do you need one
          Hint: to build a money sucking ash machine. 

10) The easy way to get a sales page online.
         Technical stuff gives me a headache. I make this part easy.

11) Super easy copy writing to get sales.
         Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy. 

12) How to send floods of traffic to your sales page.
        You will never hear about some of these sources from anyone else. 

13) Why you shouldn't avoid the Make-Money-Online Niche.
        Hint: There is a metric sh!t ton of cash in this niche. 

PART II Newbie proof instruction

1) Step-by-step instructions for setting up an auto-responder.
     No one else will take you by the hand with this part. Who loves you baby? 

2) Step-by-step instructions to set up Pay-Pal button.
     It's free and easy bruh.  
The #1 taught method of affiliate marketing is to create a free report and give it 
away in exchange for an email address. It doesn't work, more on that in a minute.

First off, an ugly truth: if aren't building a list, you simply won't make it in this business, that part is true. 

The math simply isn't in your favor with direct linking to affiliate offers. Just being honest.

You need to build an Email list, more precisely, a buyers list. Not a list of freebie seekers.

Anyone who has tried the usual give away a free report in exchange for an email address will tell you it doesn't work.

Here's Why:

It is basic psychology that people don't value something the get for free. So most people won't even look at the free report.

So when you send them an email, they don't open the email as they don't know who you are.

So what happens is people go broke fast driving paid traffic to a lead capture page...or they get frustrated with free traffic because after a month, they only have 400 subscribers and made $100.

People don't buy from affiliates. 
They buy from those they perceive as experts.

Who would you be more likely to take advice from...some random guy you don't know or somebody who has successfully created their own product that helped you?

If you have your own product...even a $7.00 product all of a sudden you get a little celebrity status and people will trust your recommendations when you email them an affiliate promotion.

If you build a list giving away a free report, first thing is 20% of the emails on you list will be fake. Then the ones that aren't will never open you emails, or even remember who the hel1 you are. 

OK but why $7.00

​People do buy informational products all the time, to solve life's little problems. Like how to make-money-online, find true love, stop bugs from eating their garden with out pesticides and so on........

But why $7.00

$7.00 puts your report within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even people on a strict budget, but it weeds out the freebie seekers

Anyone who's not serious enough about their problems to invest $7 your  report isn't going to buy your future products or buy through your affiliate links for other more expense products.

Anyone who is not serious enough to put down the price of a fast food dinner and buy your report is someone you don't need on you mailing list. 

$7.00 is enough to get them to at least read your report.

The $7.00 has a high conversion rate and is instant pay back on paid advertising. (A self liquidating offer)

It is easy to gain trust by over delivering with a $7.00 report.

OK you get it right?

Affiliate marketing doesn't work.  

Not the way the Guru's teach it anyway.

​< It's too late for this guy, I can save you.

​It took me years to realize, I couldn't make money with what the Gurus were telling me.

I was just a buyer lead, being passed like a whore from one Guru to the next.

I was never really in the game! 

1) The Guru mind control trick.
      The Guru's use this little mind control trick that practically forces us to buy their products. I figured it out, and mastered it, and am spilling the beans.

2) Another super secret Guru tactic 
    Serious ninja stuff.

I could easily flesh this out into a stand alone report, and sell it on it's own but what the hell, I like you shizzy!

A $1,000,000 value yours free! You are welcome.
Super Secret BONUS!!

**Guru Mind Control**

Please use this ethically.
This is not a sales funnel.

There won't be any onetime offers, up-sells down-sells or any other slimy guru tricks.

I am trying to build a mutually profitable relationship.

​Click the button, and learn how easy it is to build your own people helping, cash sucking money machine!

PS: What about a money back guarantee? Well if you buy this eBook and end up on my buyers list you will prove that this works, but this is about building a relationship not about the $7 so of course I will give you your money back if you are not happy with your purchase.  
7 Dollar Guru