Your information is safe. It will never be sold or traded, EVER!

When you are promoting something the big Headline at the top of your promo should infer a secret, so the reader is forced to read your copy: Let me explain. 
Hi, My name is JC Dean.

My story is really kind of boring. 

I was never homeless, lived in a van, deep in debt, addicted to drugs or any of that stuff like the other online marketers claimed in their incredible back stories. 

No rags to riches story here; I had a six-figure job most of my life.

​Like most people I turned to the internet to look for freedom the internet lifestyle can provide.

Yakity Smakity who cares lets just get on with it shall we? 

This whole thing is a scheme 
to get you on my list. 

Here is why you want to be on my list. I stopped buying​